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Symposium Asks “What’s Next” for the Arts in Baltimore?

Baltimore FlyerCOLLEGE PARK, Md. – A two day symposium in Baltimore and College Park will focus on the impact of the arts in Charm City.

“Artists and arts institutions have been attracting business and changing neighborhoods in Baltimore’s arts districts,” said the Merrill College’s Abell Professor in Baltimore Journalism, Sandy Banisky. “How much further can the arts go in improving the city’s economy and quality of life?”

Sponsored by The Abell Foundation and the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, the What’s Next Symposium features a Who’s Who of art and architecture experts from Baltimore and the University of Maryland.

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Merrill Professors Chadha & Steiner, Oates Receive $20,000 ADVANCE Seed Grants

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The Maryland ADVANCE program aims to “lead AAU/BIG 10 research universities in women’s representation, satisfaction, professional growth, and positive work environment.” Promoting interdisciplinary research is one way to do that, and in its fifth and final round of grants, three Merrill College faculty members will have a chance to work with faculty from the iSchool and Smith Business School.

The seed grants are $20,000 each. The Co-Director of the ADVANCE program, Dr. KerryAnn O’Meara (College of Education) says data shows an 8 to 1 return on investment with the grants. Further, she said, “recipients of these grants have been more likely to be retained to campus than their peers.”

Merrill College Professors Team with iSchool, Smith School

Assistant Professor Kalyani Chadha (College Park Scholars))(left) and Professor Linda Steiner will collaborate with Assistant Professor Jessica Vitak (right)of the iSchool in a project entitled, “Misogyny Online: Implications and Consequences.”

Professor and Senior Scholar Sarah Oates (left)(who oversees the Merrill Ph.D. Program) will work with Professor of Marketing Wendy Moe – who is also the Director of the MS in Marketing Analytics program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Their research project is entitled, “Building a Voter Intelligence Dashboard: Applying Social Brand Metrics to Political Campaigns.”

Funding comes from the UMD Division of Research and NSF funds. Dr. O’Meara says although the grants have now been exhausted (save for two funded by BSOS), efforts are underway to find additional sources of funding for the future.

About The ADVANCE Program at Maryland

The University of Maryland ADVANCE program “aims to lead AAU/Big 10 research universities in women’s representation, retention, satisfaction, professional growth, and positive work environment. We do this by creating strategic networks across disciplines, facilitating opportunities for learning and leadership, enhancing agency through knowledge and planning for career advancement, and by recognizing faculty contributions and accomplishments. We use data to increase awareness of equity issues and support local and campus-wide efforts to design better work environments.”

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Dalglish, McGee Among the “Powerful Women of College Park”

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Philip Merrill College of Journalism Dean Lucy Dalglish and Senior Journalism Major Jatara McGee were recently named to the  “Powerful Women of College Park” list.

Sophomore English Major Aiyah Sibay did the interviews for the Women’s History Month feature:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.48.51 PM

Dean Lucy Dalglish by Aiyah Sibay.

Dean Lucy Dalglish:

“Juggling alligators, that’s what I do. I juggle alligators.”

“I basically make sure that everything runs, that the budget is balanced, that the classes are taught, that the faculty is qualified, that the curriculum is meeting the needs of employers and students, and I make sure that we’re bringing in enough money to keep the lights on … oh and I referee disputes.”

“I was a reporter and editor in Minnesota, I was a trial lawyer in Minneapolis, then for quite a few years I ran a non-profit [The Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press] that did legal defense and advocacy for journalists working all over the country.”

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Knight Chair Dana Priest: What I’ve Learned From My Students

Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism Dana Priest at this year's Society of Professional Journalist's Region 2 Conference March 28.

Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism Dana Priest at this year’s Society of Professional Journalist’s Region 2 Conference March 28.

By Dana Priest
Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism
Philip Merrill College of Journalism

COLLEGE PARK, Md.  – Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism Dana Priest was the keynote speaker this year for the Society of Professional Journalist’s Region 2 Conference held March 27-28 at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. She chose to talk about what’s she’s learned from her students in the short time she has served as the Merrill College’s third Knight Chair (there has been a tad of editing):

I’M HAPPY TO BE HERE in my new role as Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism here at Merrill. And of course, I’m still a reporter at heart and still a reporter at The Washington Post. This year I am working on a series, which we hope will be published in a month or so, with four graduate students.

Instead of talking about what I know and what I think you should know too, I thought I would speak about what I’ve learned from my students over the past nine months –  about them, about “who is a journalist,” and about the power of the pen. Or keyboard. Or camera.

Let’s start with “who is a journalist?” I used to have a very narrow view of this.

Dana's Class

Knight Chair Dana Priest’s National Security and Press Freedom Reporting Class.

I believed you needed a certain set of standards, a lot of practice and an editor or two.

Over the last several years the mainstream media began filling their online pages with people I call “opinionators.” Young people, mostly, who collect, or aggregate, the digging of others, and top it with their “attitude,” their opinion, a rif. This seems to be popular but it is not journalism in my mind.

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Merrill Alumni and Adjuncts Honored by MDDCA

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.29.42 AM
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -Philip Merrill College of Journalism alumni and adjuncts were strongly represented in this year’s Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association’s Editorial Contest. The press association announced the winners of its editorial contest March 27.

The MDDC press release reports:

“These winners represent the best work of member publications in Maryland, Delaware and DC.  Publications are divided into six categories, based on circulation, and entries are judged, in most cases, by a sister press association.  This year, judges from the Texas Press Association evaluated our entries… The judges were very impressed with the caliber of writing in the contest and the competition was stiff!  We received 1,994 entries from 63 member publications.”

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Merrill Alumni: The College of Journalism is Always Open To You

RafaelBy Rafael Lorente
Associate Dean & Master’s Program Director

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The 2014-15 school year here at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism has so far seen exciting curricular initiatives, inspiring student accomplishments and planning for the 25th anniversary celebration of one of our signature programs.

And that’s before spring has even had a chance to brighten up the University of Maryland’s ever-changing campus.


Dr. Chinoy was honored last December by the Merrill College. Seen here with wife Gail and daughter Molly.

In January, Professor Ira Chinoy, who served as associate dean after the loss of Penny Fuchs in 2012, returned to the faculty. Ira will continue to teach, write and develop the Future of Information Alliance, a transdisciplinary research group that has brought together every college at the University, the Newseum, Google and a number of other partners.

The College owes a great thank you to Ira for his work as associate dean the last two years. I am honored that Dean Lucy Dalglish has chosen me to succeed him. Read More »

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Merrill Alumna Sarah Sexton ’14 Named Fulbright Fellow


Sarah Sexton ’14 (LinkedIn)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Philip Merrill College of Journalism alumna Sarah Sexton ’14 has been named a Fulbright Fellow.  Sexton, who also minored in Germanic Studies and was a member of the University Honors Program at Maryland, will be teaching English in Germany during the 2015-2016 school year.

“Sarah Sexton will bring energy, enthusiasm and intellect to the Fulbright program,” said Dean Lucy Dalglish. “We are so pleased that she has been selected. We’re very proud of her.”

The letter sent to Dean Dalglish by the National Scholarship Office said:

In 2013 Sarah completed an internship with the U.S. Embassy in Berlin and in 2012 she was a teaching assistant at the Frankfurt International School in Wiesbaden. Most recently Sarah interned at the White House.

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Merrill College Students Shine As SPJ Mark of Excellence Award Winners

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.44.25 PM
COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Award winners all – the Philip Merrill College of Journalism’s Capital News Service and ViewFinder class, as well as the independent Diamondback Newspaper brought home 13 winners and 18 finalists today during the Region 2 SPJ Mark of Excellence Award luncheon in Knight Hall. No other school in Region 2 had more winners or finalists. The awards were announced as part of the SPJ Region 2 Conference being hosted by the Merrill College (Twitter: #2015SPJ2).

Winners will be entered into the national SPJ Mark of Excellence awards contest.

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NPPA Short Course: Real World Advice Makes Better Journalists

150314_NPPA NSC_13wBy Victoria Tanner ’16

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Press Photographers Association Northern Short Course (NSC) was more than inspiring. Speakers sat in the front of long rooms with rows of journalists in front of them. Everyone is listening attentively. And everyone is taking notes. Videos are playing in one room while two doors down, still photographs are projected onto the screen. The workshops featured journalists who spoke from real world experience; they weren’t lecturing us on theories, they were giving us real world advice to make us better journalists.

Some of the pieces caused me to tear up including Scott Strazzante’s Common Ground and a video by John Kirtley. The work I saw at the NSC reminded me why I want to enter the world of journalism in the first place. I want to tell stories in a way that causes people to think and react. I believe many of the sessions I attended taught me lessons that can also be used in writing. As a multiplatform student, I was hesitant about not having broadcast experience, but I realized many of the things NSC speakers emphasized can be used across all mediums. NSC reignited the spark inside me to pursue photojournalism.

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NPPA Workshop: “Give Us a Week and We’ll Change Your Life.”

Merrill College students at the NPPA Video News Workshop.

Merrill Students who attended the NPPA News Video Workshop in Norman, Oklahoma included (Left to Right) Brandi Vincent, Brianna Hurwitz, Alanna Delfino, Brett Hall and Taylor Cairns.

By Alanna Delfino ’15

NORMAN, Ok. – Imagine having a job for multiple years. Throughout the course of your career, you develop skills, but also some bad habits along the way. Now, think about what it would be like to have your memory erased, forcing you to work starting from scratch. Insane. Am I right? That is the exact point of the National Press Photographer’s Association’s News Video Workshop (held earlier this month) in Norman, Oklahoma.

“Give us a week and we’ll change your life.”

These are the words that were promised to each of the participants attending the 55th NV workshop. It’s a week designed to squash old habits and start a life of storytelling with a clean palette. So, did this video workshop change my life? Yes, and it was epic.

I have been planning for this trip for over a year. When I was a junior, taking 262 with Instructor Bethany Swain, I remember asking her, “How did you get so good?” She said that when she went to this workshop in college. After that, I knew I just had to go. In 2013, I helped launch our UMD NPPA student chapter and have been planning for this trip ever since.  Read More »

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