Faculty and Staff Directory

Sandra Banisky Abell Professor in Baltimore Journalism 2100H Knight
Maurine H. Beasley Professor Emerita 2215 Knight
Kevin Blackistone Visiting Professor 2211 Knight
Clint Bucco Director of Computer Services 1112 Knight Hall
Kalyani Chadha Assistant Professor; Director, Media, Self and Society Program, College Park Scholars 2206 Knight
Ira Chinoy Associate Professor 2100K Knight Hall
Cassandra Clayton Broadcast Lecturer 2100G Knight
Natalie A. Cosner Executive Assistant 2200E Knight Hall
Lucy A. Dalglish Dean and Professor 2200D Knight Hall
Josh Davidsburg Lecturer 2217 John S. and James L. Knight Hall
Karen Denny Annapolis Bureau Director, Capital News Service 48 Maryland Ave, Suite 301, Annapolis MD 21401
Nicholas Diakopoulos Assistant Professor 1100 John S. and James L. Knight Hall
Mark Feldstein Richard Eaton Professor of Broadcast Journalism 2209 Knight Hall
Adrianne Flynn Internships and Career Development Director, Lecturer 3105A Knight
Douglas Gomery Professor Emeritus; Resident Scholar, Center for Visual and Mass Media at the University of Maryland Libraries
Christopher Hanson Associate Professor 2206 Knight
Emily Hartz Assistant Dean, Business Operations 2202A Knight Hall
Chris Harvey Director of Assessments; Director of the Graduate Multimedia Certificate Program; Multimedia and Health Lecturer 2200A Knight Hall
Diana Huffman Baltimore Sun Distinguished Lecturer 2210 Knight
Sue Kopen Katcef Lecturer & Broadcast Bureau Director, Capital News Service 0230 Tawes Building
Kevin Klose Professor 2205 Knight Hall
Tom Linthicum, Jr. Washington, D.C. Bureau Director, Capital News Service 529 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. Suite 950
Rafael Lorente Associate Dean & Master's Program Director 2200B Knight Hall
Josh Madden Director of Student Services 1100 Knight Hall
Susan Moeller Professor of Media and International Affairs & Director, International Center for Media and the Public Agenda 2100D Knight
Sean Mussenden Digital Director | <span style="color: #B61C1E;">Capital News Service</span><br> Co-Editor | <span style="color: #B61C1E;">American Journalism Review</span><br>Lecturer | <span style="color: #B61C1E;">Digital media, data visualization, computational journalism</span> 3210 (Studio C)
Deborah Nelson Associate Professor of Investigative Journalism 2100E Knight
Vanessa Nichols-Holmes Business Manager 2202 Knight Hall
Sarah Oates Professor and Senior Scholar 2100L Knight Hall
David Ottalini Senior Communications Manager 2200F Knight
Al Perry Student Newsroom Supervisor Tawes Hall
Rachel Pleatman Undergraduate Advisor 1100 Knight Hall
Dana Priest John S. and James L. Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism 2207 Knight Hall
Olive Reid Associate Dean, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Equity Officer 1100 Knight Hall
Rem Rieder Consultant: American Journalism Review
Carol L. Rogers Professor of the Practice 2208 Knight
Lisa Rossi American Journalism Review Editor and Lecturer 3210 (Studio C) - Knight Hall
George Solomon Professor of the Practice and Director, Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism 3201 Knight Hall
Linda Steiner Professor 3103 Knight
Carl Sessions Stepp Professor 2100C Knight
Bethany Swain Lecturer 2214 Knight Hall
Leslie Walker Visiting Professor in Digital Innovation 2100B Knight
David Watson Coordinator, Graduate Studies 2206 Knight Hall
Ronald A. Yaros Associate Professor 2100M Knight