Jacqueline Soteropoulos Incollingo

Lecturer, CNS Annapolis Bureau Chief

Ph.D. (Journalism) Expected 2014
Office: 2206 Knight Hall
Phone: Annapolis: 410-626-1008
Email: jincollingo@jmail.umd.edu

Jackie Incollingo worked as an Associated Press reporter in Boston after interning at The Capital in Annapolis and Newsday,. From there, she moved to the Tampa Tribune, where she worked  for four years before becoming their Washington Correspondent. At the Merrill College, Incollingo served as an adjunct lecturer in 1999-2000 until taking a reporting job at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she worked for seven years. She has numerous reporting awards and  experience covering everything from cops and courts to politics and the Cuban economy.

At Merrill College, she has taught undergraduate the News Writing and Reporting class and was the creator of the college’s Literary Journalism course. Her dissertation topic and research interest focuses on digital delivery of news, specifically the use of mobile apps by newspapers.

Jackie will be spending most of her time in Annapolis as the Capital News Service's Bureau Chief. CNS is a student-powered news organization run by the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Research Interests

Newspapers began the great digital transformation during my years in the newsroom, launching websites at a time when few reporters had Internet connections at home, much less on their desktops. Since those early days, media organizations have clearly struggled with how to effectively embrace new technologies. My doctoral studies have focused on the digital delivery of news – particularly on facets of interactivity, whether notions of credibility are affected by the means of delivery, and the form news takes on digital devices. I believe that universities and journalism scholars are uniquely poised to assist in the formal evaluation of journalism’s digital experiments and innovations. My goal is that my research into mobile delivery of news will serve the news media with analysis and practical applications, while advancing scholarship in this area.





The digital delivery of news, specifically the use of mobile apps by newspapers.


Courses Taught

JOUR 456/673 Journalism as Literature
JOUR 201 News Writing and Reporting 1