Capital News Service Alumni

Using the real-world experience they developed in our four news bureaus, Capital News Service alumni go on to land internships and jobs at some of the nation's finest news organizations.  They cite the deadline-driven atmosphere, professional editing and mentoring and an environment that encourages innovation and risk-taking as crucial to their journalistic development.  And after 20 years, CNS alumni hold positions of influence at top news Web sites, radio stations, newspapers and TV networks.  For new CNS graduates, it's a name that opens doors.  

What Alumni Say About Their CNS Experience

"CNS is crucial to the journalism school's mission of developing newsroom-ready reporters. The real-world skills I learned in the bureau gave me a competitive edge in job hunts and were instrumental in launching my career as a political reporter. CNS sets Maryland apart from other journalism schools. It is the program's crown jewel." -- Chris Frates, reporter, Politico (CNS Annapolis bureau, 2000)

"CNS was essential preparation for my career covering American politics and policy. It provided the instruction, editing, support and distribution network for me as a student to break stories with impact and get them published. Great training for any aspiring political writer." -- Margaret Talev, White House correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers (CNS Annapolis bureau, 1994)

"My Merill education prepared me well for my first job as a newspaper reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer. The insights I gained in class combined with the real-world experience I gained working at Capital News Service -- and it was real work! -- translated into the skills and confidence that helped launch my career." -- Drew Weaver (CNS Washington bureau, 1995), CEO and Co-founder of Sparkpad (technology startup), former executive at AOL, former editor at Digital City Inc., former reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"As a 1996 graduate of UMCP, I found my experience at CNS incredibly helpful and insightful. It gave me a chance to exercise my classroom teachings into real world experiences of reporting, interviewing and writing on deadline. The leadership at CNS of Chris Harvey provided expertise and knowledge that taught me the tricks of the trade and improved my journalism skills to prepare for the future. After graduating from Maryland, I became a reporter at the Baltimore Sun and am now at the Washington Post, where I have been for 11 years." -- Dana Hedgpeth, reporter, Washington Post (CNS Washington Bureau, 1996)

"I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master's Degree in online journalism in May 2005. The program took my training to another level and shaped my craft as a budding journalist. However, out of all that I experienced in the program, the bureau sticks out fondly as a great test of skills and wills. It challenged me to work and think in terms of the team and the final product online - from the wire and website we were populating to our fallen troop interactive. It was a great opportunity to plug my classroom practice into a live newsroom setting. The semester at the bureau helped prepare me for the road ahead." -- Desair Brown, reader advocacy editor, USA Today (CNS Online Bureau, 2005)

"I had two missions when I decided to get my Master's degree, and those were to further my skills as a dynamic writer and reporter and to learn how to make that work stand out on the Internet. Thanks to the faculty and courses at the Merrill College and my experience in Capital News Service, I feel that I have a set of journalistic skills that set me apart from the vast majority in this business. The high standards and expectations in CNS are a key part of what I now bring to work on an everyday basis." -- Justin Karp, Web editor, ABC-7 WJLA (CNS Online Bureau, 2010) 

Where CNS Alumni Land Jobs and Internships

National Newspapers and Web sites
New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico, USA Today, ProPublica.

International Newswires and News Bureaus
Associated Press, Associated Press Television (APTV), Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, Gannett News Service, McClatchy Washington bureau, Cox Newspapers Washington bureau.

TV Networks, Stations and Websites, MSNBC, NBC News, ABC News,, Discovery Channel, CNN, CNN International,, PBS,, C-SPAN, Style Network, NBC4 (Washington D.C.), WUSA-9 (Washington, D.C.), WMAR (Baltimore), WBTW (Columbia, S.C.), FOX45 (Baltimore), WBAL (Baltimore), WHAM (Rochester, N.Y.), NewsChannel8 (Washington, D.C.), WLEX (Lexington, Kent.), WATE (Knoxville, Tenn.), WBBH (Ft. Myers, Fla.), WSOC (Charlotte, N.C.).

Magazines and Alternative Weeklies
People, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, National Journal, Money, Nature, Science, Washingtonian, Baltimore magazine, Baltimore City Paper, The (Washington, D.C.) City Paper, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, DCStyle, Philadelphia Style, American Journalism Review, USA Weekend, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Smithsonian Magazine.

Major Metropolitan and Mid-Sized Newspapers and Web sites
Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, The (Baltimore) Sun, San Jose Mercury News, Orlando Sentinel, Washington Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Denver Post, Tampa Tribune, Hartford Courant, St. Paul Pioneer-Press, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times, (New Orleans) Times-Picayune,Wilmington (Del.) News Journal, Virginian-Pilot, Detroit News, The (Columbia, S.C.) State, Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram, Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic, Newsday, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, The (Portland) Oregonian, Denver Post, The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital, San Antonio Express-News, Charlotte Observer, Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Newark Star Ledger.

Policy Publications 
Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call.

Web Sites
CNET Networks, The Root, AOL News,,

Radio Stations and Networks
CBS MarketWatch Radio, WMAL radio, WTOP radio.