Ph.D. Curriculum

The following are courses that the Merrill College offers, or has offered in previous terms. To see the current offerings, visit the Schedule of Classes.


JOUR 601 Theories of Journalism and Public Communication (3). Survey and evaluation of current communication theories. Attention is given to the nature and function of scientific theory, models of communication behavior, the nature of information, social functions of journalism and public communication, attitude change and persuasive communication and theories of language and meaning.

JOUR 610 Seminar in Mass Media History (3) Formerly JOUR 710. Analysis and discussion of the interrelationships between the mass media and society, including various social and cultural elements of modern society; responsibilities of the mass media and the mass communicator.

JOUR 700 Seminar in the Law of Public Communication (3) Formerly JOUR 755. Advanced study in law of first amendment and related communication issues.

JOUR 720 Seminar in Government and the Media (3) The role of the press in reporting governmental and political agencies, and politics; the process and effects of government information and political propaganda.

JOUR 725 Political Communication (3) Critical examination of the interplay between the media, government, and the political process.

JOUR 730 Seminar in Comparative Mass Media Systems (3) Study of world news communication systems, including news gathering agencies, the role of foreign correspondents, the mass media in developing and developed nations and factors determining the flow of world news and government international information programs.

JOUR 740 Seminar in Media Economics (3) Examination of the economic factors of various news media.

JOUR 750 Seminar in Media and Society (3) Analysis of the impact of the media on society.

JOUR 767 New Media Technologies (3) A Selected survey of theories of technology and communication with special attention to issues concerning the use of computer technology as a communication medium.

JOUR 772 Methods in Computer Assisted Reporting (3) Formerly JOUR 600 0201. Computer-assisted (database) journalism; obtaining, manipulating and analyzing complex government data for journalism projects.

JOUR 775 Quantitative Methods in Journalism and Public Communication Research (3) Formerly JOUR 701. Logic and methods of quantitative data collection and statistical analysis as applied to journalism and public communication studies.

JOUR 776 Qualitative Research Methods in Journalism and Public Communication (3) Formerly JOUR 711. Methods for historical, critical and field research in journalism and public communication. Formulation of significant research questions, systematic collection of bibliographic and phenomenal information, formulating substantial claims, organizing and writing research for disciplinary outlets.

JOUR 777 Advanced Historical/Critical Methods in Journalism and Public Communication (3) Formerly JOUR 712. Critical assessment of qualitative approaches to journalism and public communication. Introduction to significant schools of historical and critical research. Advanced techniques for inquiry and manuscript preparation. Students must have a dissertation research project requiring historical or critical theory.

JOUR 779 Seminar in Research Problems (1-3) Methods of research design and analysis in specialized areas of journalism and public communication research. Repeatable to a maximum of six credits provided the content differs.

JOUR 800 Introduction to Doctoral Study in Journalism and Public Communication (3) formerly JOUR 700 Prerequisite: Admission to the Doctoral Program in Journalism and Public Communication. Basic skills in journalism and public communication research.

JOUR 801 Advanced Journalism and Public Communication Theory (3) Prerequisite: JOUR 601 or its equivalent. Advanced selected survey of communication and media theory.

JOUR 802 Advanced Analysis of Journalism Practices (3) Prerequisite: JOUR 800 or its equivalent. Advanced literature survey and critique of the practices of journalism.

JOUR 808 Doctoral Colloqium (1)

JOUR 818 Seminar in Communication Theories (3) Detailed examination of a particular area of communication theory. Evaluation of existing theory and research suggesting hypotheses and formulating proposals for future research. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits if content differs.

JOUR 888 Doctoral Professional Fieldwork (1-9) Critical analysis of a phase of a professional field in journalism and public communication. Analysis of professional activity through personal observation. Evaluation of the purpose, process, effectiveness, and efficiency of professional activity. Recommendations for training and further research.

JOUR 889 Doctoral Tutorial in Journalism and Public Communication (1-9) Individual research in journalism and public communication.

JOUR 898 Pre-Candidacy Research, (1-8) Individual Instruction course: contact department or instructor to obtain section number.

JOUR 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research, (6) Dissertation research.